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Step 1. Discover what provincial rebates you could qualify for by going to Better Homes BC (Provincial Search Tool) and selecting the “Search For Rebates” box. After you put your info in, it will display all possible rebates that you could get. Each rebate is a clickable option.

   Please be sure to read them over, as some of them will have important individual eligibility from you as a customer.  There could be pre-qualifying applications, power usage requirements etc.

Step 2. Discover what Federal rebates you could qualify for by going to Canada Greener Homes (Federal Search Tool). Click the “Check Your Eligibility” box. This will ask you for some personal information. After completion of the eligibility, you will be assigned an Application Number (AP#) This number is required to obtain any of the Federal rebates.

      After you receive the AP#, you will need to have an energy advisor do a home inspection. The energy advisor will need to perform a pre installation site inspection, and a post installation site inspection. The 2 visits will cost about $1000. One of the Federal rebates will give you $600 towards that cost and Glacier deducts $400 off your final invoice as an Energy Audit credit.

If you would like us to have one of our partners reach out to perform the energy audit, please let us know.

Step 3. After our in-home visit, we will send you your estimates. These estimates will supply:

  1. A) if they are qualifying combinations, B) an AHRI reference #. With this reference # you can verify that the equipment does qualify on the Federal website  (Federal qualifiers) and the provincial website (Provincial Qualifiers).

  With these 3 steps completed and their links, you are ready to have your system installed. Just give us a call and let us know which system you would like. You can also call our Operations Manager at 250-954-3594, Option #4, at any time before or after our visit for any other questions.

Below are a few other rebates that may not be listed. Please be sure you check into the eligibility for each.



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